Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

April, day 3


Today I stayed in bed until 14:00. I was dead tired and had that kind of headache you get for sleeping too much and simultaneously not getting enough rest.
Eventually I got around to doing a little bit of tidying up indoors, and I took a trip around the back of the house, cleared some leaves from the one accessible gutter (job not completed), grabbed my saw and removed some branches that were overhanging the roof, adding to the problem. Over half of the branches I removed were dead anyway. So that area is slightly more accessible now, but I still need to go back there and clean up.
As I'm writing, the sun is setting and there will be no more outdoors work today.
I also wound the hand dyed yarn into a yarn cake, and put away the swift and ball winder immediately after.
The fridge is looking a bit barren, and the freezer has far less stuff in it than I am used to. I still have plenty of things to eat, and downsizing is good. I grew up with the idea that buying in bulk is better/cheaper, but in a single-person household, the result is that a lot of food expires before it gets eaten. By keeping a smaller pantry, I eat fresher food.
Not a whole lot of knitting progress today.
One week until mom comes to visit. It'll be good to see her again.

I keep thinking "There's so much to do, where do I even start?" - but the important part is that I actually do things. I don't have to do things in the optimal order. I just have to do a little more than maintenance level. Today was successful in that regard.

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