Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

April, day 17


Bit late in posting again.

I don't remember when I got up today. Did not go anywhere. Did a bit of cleaning. Put a chair up in the attic; the living room looks so different now. Under the boxes stacked on the chair I found an old pair of socks that need darning.

Baked bread tonight. Had an old bread mix and reasonably fresh yeast. It turned out fairly well and I ate nearly half a loaf. There's just something about fresh baked goods. The crust was delightfully crunchy too.

No progress in XCOM; spent some time on chronomancy trying to get a good enough soldier, but unimpressed so far. Randomly generated names being what they are, I did get a soldier named "Thomas Thomas" the other day.

Watched lots of short cat videos I took last summer. I miss my foster kitties. I wonder if they miss me..
Tags: my mundane life

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