Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

April, day 19


Today was entirely unremarkable. Got up at 13:something, didn't go anywhere. Moderate amount of housework. No reading, some gaming, not quite as much knitting as I had hoped for.

I actually haven't had any interaction with people here since... Wednesday, I think. I just haven't been too social. Could have on Friday, but I decided to go for a walk instead. Mom still can't walk much after her recent foot surgery, and I knew I didn't have the time or energy for both going on a walk and social interaction. But I'll have some tomorrow; I've been invited over for Easter dinner with the whole family (aunt+uncle, whomever of their now adult children are present, mom, grandmother). So yay, free food I don't have to cook.
Tags: my mundane life

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