Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

April, day 21.


Another great day. Not that I did a whole lot, but the weather was lovely. I can only describe it as summer. Quiet, barely a breeze, full sunshine, an impressive 16°C.

I've pretty much just been enjoying it. Threw down a towel to sit on in the garden, read a few chapters, drank tea.

I was annoyed at having to put clothes on and momentarily considered declining the offer of dinner from mom, just so I wouldn't have to get dressed. I'm glad I decided to suit up and attend dinner, though, because it was pretty good, and again: Free and effortless to me.

After dinner I went back home, undressed, lounged around a bit until I got a very mild sunburn, took a shower, and eventually put clean clothes on.

Mom is leaving tomorrow morning, so I might try to get up early so I can properly say goodbye. ..but I doubt that's going to happen; I feel like I'm going to stay up for several more hours. Might try catching the school bus on its return trip, go to Brekke and get groceries, wait 2 hours and take the regular bus back to Rutledal and walk the 3km (~2 miles) back home from there. I think we are close enough to summer now that it won't be completely dark before I get back.
Knitting is coming along at a decent pace. Back to socks again after this one. I have so much sock yarn I need to knit up. I have.. six sock pairs' worth of my own hand-dyed yarn, I think. Only one hank of undyed yarn left as far as I know. Saving it for a day I really feel like dyeing.

The store at Brekke has a good yarn selection.. I really don't need more yarn, but if they have undyed sock yarn, I'll probably pick up some.
Tags: life in brosvika

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