Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

April, day 22


Finally, after three weeks of blogging daily, my LJ ranking is higher than when I started! Whoo! And aetherspoon still hasn't overtaken me. :P

So I didn't get to say a proper goodbye to mom this morning because I was busy trying to sleep. I voluntarily stayed up until just past 3 AM. Two hours later I had still not had any sleep. Yeah. One of those nights.

The weather is amazing today, just like yesterday only a degree or two warmer. I've done a bit of weeding in the garden. I can't find my parsnip seeds now. Might end up planting sugar snaps in that field.. I have to plant something. April is almost over and I haven't put a single seed in soil.

On days like this back in Oslo, I would, together with my little brother (who used to visit me frequently) buy grapefruit juice and drink it with ice cubes and it was such a luxury because as a kid, I barely got to drink fruit juice at all. (and if I did, it was only crappy from-concentrate pulp-less OJ)
It really annoyed me when back in.. 2005 or 2006 or something, Tine discontinued their white grapefruit juice and replaced it with red grapefruit juice. And to add insult to injury, they said the new juice was "better". I liked the white grapefruit juice better... So did my little brother. So what if the white juice is more acidic. It's not like I drink it all the time.

Having another nude day today.. soaking up that vitamin D, probably getting more of a sunburn. I got a very slight one yesterday.. if it could even count as a sunburn. More of a glow.

In media consumption, I started watching the French series Les Revenants (imdb link) yesterday. Just one episode in and I am hooked. It was another recommendation from mom. She has a pretty good idea about what sort of shows I like.

And then I discovered that they are making a second season of Mushi-shi and it's on Crunchyroll. Up to four episodes so far (fourth not yet available to free users). Mushishi has been one of my favorite anime series ever. I used to watch it together with xenodias back in the day, and at one point we started re-watching it, but then he started to withdraw more and we never finished the season.

More Mushishi. This is truly a good time to be alive.
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Tags: anime, life in brosvika, reminiscence, tv

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