Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

April, day 24


Grocery shopping in Eivindvik today, both for myself and for my grandmother. That's about it for events. I took a Stilnoct last night to help me sleep, even though I was feeling tired enough where I might have slept naturally, and I think it made a significant difference. I was still exhausted in the morning, and really wish I could have continued the dream I was having for another half an hour or so. I don't remember what it was about other than I was in an elevator on the way up to something important and the entire dream up until then had been building up to what I was going to. Argh.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is now out for Android. I'm currently downloading it and will let you all know how it is. As if I need games on my cellphone. It's a 3.63GB download so it's taking a while..

Have been listening to I Will Never Be The Same a lot lately. Check them (him? I think it might be just one guy) out on spotify.
Tags: music, sleep issues, xcom: enemy unknown

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