Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

April, day 26


Not much happening today. More evaluation of Android XCOM. Surprisingly, I didn't have a single crash today, despite playing probably six or seven missions. Resumed my game with the tutorial, and no crashes. And no, I didn't reboot my phone or anything. Why is it running so stable now when it was super crash happy yesterday? Hm. I did kill some running processes. That might have been it.

Today was warm, reaching 18°C in the shade, and bright sunshine. I watered the field where I planted sugar snaps a couple of days ago. Ice cream van came by on its bi-weekly rounds; I only bought a single box of small ice cream.. lollipops? Are they really called that? Google translate tells me ispinne (ice cream on a stick) translates to lollipop. ::shrugs::

Sat in the sun reading for a while, but not long enough to burn. I seem to be getting better at estimating how long I can be in the sun without any damage.

Gave myself mild food poisoning tonight. I guess the milk that expired five days ago wasn't so good for me (it was unopened!). No real harm done. Played a mission of XCOM on my phone while stuck on the toilet. It's what I'd have done anyway so it's not like my productivity went down or anything.

One thing I hate about being a single-person household is that I can't finish off all the food before it expires. I can't even buy a small pack of the butter/margarine hybrid I like; all they have at the store is the big tub that proudly presents itself as the "Family Pack" which I usually use about half of before it reaches its expiration date. And even if a half-size pack was available, you can bet it would cost almost as much as the big one.

Growing up in a family of seven, I'm used to buying in bulk and looking at price/weight ratios. Now I have to look at the dates on everything and ask myself "Will I finish this off before it goes bad?". Sometimes I refrain from buying something I want because I know the answer is "no".

One thing that has been really helpful is adding all foods I buy as tasks with a due date of their expiration in Remember the Milk. It's a bit of a hassle to add in all the things, especially when I don't get to go grocery shopping very often, and end up with huge loads. But it's helped me to go through things in order so that I don't have to throw away as much food. Keeping track of everything is a pain, though.. so far I'm doing everything in the fridge and every new thing I put in the freezer. I haven't put in much in the way of dry or canned goods, since those can have shelf lives of years.. but every once in a while I'll find something with a best by date of 2009 or something.

Got a bit of knitting progress in too. Only 24 more rows and it's ready to seam up. Not sure what I'll knit next. It's really not the season for wool socks, and I have very little non-wool sock yarn. Probably something in cotton..
Tags: adulting, knitting, rant, xcom: enemy unknown

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