Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

April, day 30


Just need to find something to write in this entry and I'll succeed at having written an entry a day for all of April. Even if a few of them came past midnight.

So what better way than to recap my goals as posted on the 1st?

Reading - failed pretty badly. I finished the book I was on fairly late. I'm near the end of the second. Started using Goodreads again (go ahead and add me, I only have 2 friends there), picked 21 as a reasonable goal for books to read this year and there's this convenient progress bar that tells me I am 2 books behind schedule. I'll likely pick something I'll breeze through quickly next. But, you never know how much you'll like a book until you are right in the middle of it.

Cats - nope, I still don't have foster kitties. I have still not sent that email, and I have no idea what to say because nothing has really changed. Nothing is happening unless I fight for it, it seems, and that just makes me feel like they have no real desire to let me foster cats.

Garden: partial success? I planted one crop: sugar snaps. Have misplaced my parsnip seeds somewhere. Not sure where to plot out a second patch. It'll probably get less sun. I've removed a lot of dandelions.

knitting: success! I did my Cap Sleeve Lattice Top, and then another one that I adapted to knit the lower part in the round. Much preferred that method. I have also cast on a pair of socks that I've barely gotten past the toe on so far.

If I had had a category for how tidy/clean my place is, I'd put this month down as a success. It is much nicer than at the beginning of the month. Still really bad, but it's more progress than I am used to seeing.

I'll probably switch to posting less frequently from now on. Twice a week seems more reasonable.. but it has been fun. I still long to connect with people. Out of 29 entries, only six received any comments.

Maybe I'll post more silly polls. People have a much lower threshold for filling out a poll than commenting, I've noticed.

Mobile XCOM is crash happy tonight, even though I've killed several background processes. Going to try rebooting my phone; it's been almost two months since I last did that.
Tags: end of month recap, knitting, life in brosvika, reading, xcom: enemy unknown

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