Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
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Slept really poorly tonight. Heard noises that I don't know if came from reality or my brain. As if some creature much smaller than a human was in the house. Or a highly skilled ninja who rolled a couple of Nat 1s.

This morning, though, I found a great tit in my hallway. Must have come in through the open window in the library. It would not let me catch it, so I opened the door to let it out. There was a second tit outside looking in; possibly its mate. Hope they've learned to not fly into people's homes. Lucky for them there's no cat here.

In Mobile XCOM I am up to the alien base raid. With four countries at full panic and the month about to end, I don't really have much of a choice. Meeting strong resistance; probably delayed it a bit longer than I should have. This game has been marked by a shortage of engineers (have rarely come up as a mission reward) and an abundance of scientists (frequently the reward for the mission I had to take to avoid full panic), and so I have several research projects available and none I can do due to insufficient weapon fragments or alien alloys. I'm also down to the lack of alien alloys being the reason I can't build a satellite nexus yet. The base raid should provide me with what I need there.

I have an appointment with my therapist in Førde tomorrow, so I'm planning to drug myself to sleep somewhat early tonight. I should really find and charge my Mobile Juice Pack so I can afford to play XCOM during some of the downtime.. maybe I'll bring a wall charger too; I'll have access to outlets at a few points.

I finished reading Janet Mock's memoir Redefining Realness the other day. It was great and you should all read it too.

And I just found a mouse in the trap.. no idea when that happened, but from how I didn't smell it and the sounds I heard last night, I'd say sometime last night.

Done about all I can to prepare for tomorrow... Hope I can get some decent sleep. It'll make all the difference.
Tags: reading, sleep issues, xcom: enemy unknown

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