Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Crock Pot Quest


I've wanted a Crock Pot for a while now. I have some experience with them from my visits to the US, and they do have them in Norway too, though I don't remember having ever seen one, so it might be a new thing here.

So, there is one retailer that sells them here. Elkjøp. Their nearest store to me is in Førde. I could buy online, but then I'd have to shell out for shipping, particularly if I wanted it delivered to my home instead of the local post office. I decided to just wait until the next time I had a trip to Førde coming up. I go about once a month and I wasn't in that much hurry to get one.

Then I have that one night where I didn't sleep at all and had to cancel my therapy appointment, so I didn't go. Now, one month later.. (This happened on Monday).. I left home a few minutes earlier than I usually do, to make sure I didn't miss the school bus, and those few minutes put me in the right time and place to get a ride with my aunt instead. Yay. From the ferry lane and onwards, the trip goes smoothly. I have knitting to do, mp3 player, noise-cancelling headphones and Mockingjay on the kindle. So I went to Førde, did my therapy, and headed towards the store..

And couldn't find it. It wasn't where Google Maps or their own website said it was. I did eventually find it; it was in that general area, but I wasted over half an hour because my directions were bad.

Then I find they are out of stock. I forgot to check online if it was still in stock. They can't order more and they don't know when it'll be back in stock.

Then the next bus back to downtown is so poorly timed, by the time I get there I have barely over half an hour left for other shopping, so I just get a few groceries and don't stock up on the tea I wanted. Then it's back to the bus.

I text my aunt on the ferry to remind her that I need a ride, so I only had about a minute to wait from stepping ashore to being picked up. I have worked things out with my therapist and from now on I'll get a taxi for that leg of the trip. At the end of a long day (leaving home at around 8 so I have to get out of bed at 6 - back at the ferry lane at around 19:20) and with all the walking I'd have done by then, there's no way I can make it back on foot without overexerting myself, and asking my aunt for rides is incredibly draining for me. It worked out fine today because I got to talk with her in the car on the way there. Even if I do help out with taking care of my grandmother and stepping in when my aunt is busy, I don't like asking for help like that. It's almost easier to call the taxi and pay out of pocket for the trip. But it's stupid to pay that much when I could get a ride for free.. and then I get stuck between those two and I know I only have the spoons to make one attempt at getting a ride... yeah, I'm not taking that trip again without knowing I have a ride at the end.

- - -

My LJ ranking is still going up daily, but slower now. Must keep posting so I don't lose the momentum. ;)

I've had some small progress when it comes to cleaning. Particularly productive yesterday. In the garden, the sugar snaps I planted have barely started to reach the surface. And then I remembered that they will need something to cling to as they grow taller, and damn it I could have gotten something from the gardening center in Førde, right across the street from Elkjøp. But no.. I do things without thinking them all the way through.

Miek stopped by again today. I got a ride with her out to the lake and walked home from there. Forgot to bring my real camera, but my cellphone's not bad in that regard, and I posted some of the photos over at tumblr.

Current earworm: Nowhere Nothing Ever by Shriekback (spotify link)
Tags: førde, life in brosvika, music, photos

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