Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking


Yesterday I was in a lot of pain. Lower back. Probably a result of lack of exercise and long hours sitting in front of the computer. It's a bit better today; sleeping helps. So, I went for a walk to the lake. Mainly because the weather was just gorgeous today and I couldn't justify staying at home. I really should get out of the house more often. It's not like going outside means I'll meet people. It just means I'll be away from most of my stuff...

I forgot to bring my kindle, and it was too bright to read anything comfortably on my cellphone, so instead of reading I took off my shoes and waded a little. Took some photos. It's been a good day.
Later this evening I made lemon-poppyseed pancakes. Posted a photo set of ferns to tumblr. I love ferns and their spiraling fractal designs. Uploaded some photos to here as well, but then LJ refused to add them to the post. I'll deal with it later, or put them on flickr. I really have been neglecting flickr lately.
Tags: health, life in brosvika, photography

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