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I'm not lost, I just don't know where I'm going.
But I'm determined to enjoy the journey.
  Today wasn't bad. Yesterday (Tuesday) was, though. Was sad… 
22nd-May-2014 02:43
TenTen - Invisible

Today wasn't bad. Yesterday (Tuesday) was, though. Was sad all day, for multiple reasons. Craving attention, afraid to outright ask for it. Still no cats. Monday was their birthday. I miss them a lot. I don't miss the second litter nearly as much; I had to give them away before their personalities had developed much. But Fanari, Xiomara and Turbo Arcturus.. they were my babies. My (first-generation) feral kittens. If I didn't have my nomadic lifestyle, I'd just adopt them.

Things are progressing slowly regarding the house. So many details to sort out. So many things that could go wrong. For instance, the septic tank is located outside of the property I'd be buying. Renovations need to be done; will that disturb the kittens? Cats. They're not kittens anymore. They'll always be my kittens.

Still don't know how much money I need to borrow.. I mean, I know how much the property costs, but I have not the faintest idea how much renovations are going to cost me.

I think the hot water tank might be borked. I've turned it down way low, but it still heats the water up ridiculously hot. Showering is a pain; not only is the water pressure so low, it goes even lower when I turn it to colder, and it gets so warm I have to turn it to colder after a few minutes. I hate the shower here. I had my first appropriate-temperature shower today. How? I unplugged the water heater yesterday and finally started running low on hot water. Pressure was still crap, though.

Just checked how hot it gets with my "infared" thermometer*. Peaked at 75°C, which is the max setting. And I turned it nearly all the way to low (40). Yeah. So the thermostat on my water heater is broken. Or, something in it is broken. Replacing the unit is going to be costly; I am sort of hoping it'll just break before I buy the house, while it's not my responsibility to replace it.

* it's an infrared thermometer, but it has a typo and is clearly labeled as "infared"

It's been over two weeks since I got to go grocery shopping. There was supposed to be a special bus to Eivindvik yesterday, but I never heard from them. Technically I'm supposed to contact them and say I'm in, but they usually text me anyway and I have told them I'm in by default. I have so few opportunities to get to a store as it is, I sort of rely on that ride. I could get myself to the stores in Brekke in the afternoon, but then I have to spend a few hours there, and it's 40 minutes from the stores close to the bus comes, and that only takes me to Rutledal where I have a 3km walk home.. so I can't go all out on grocery shopping. I have to carry it home too. At least during the summer it's still light outside and that drastically increases my chances of randomly getting a ride.

Yeah, I whine a bit about rural life. But if I lived in a city I'd be complaining about the noise and smell and constantly being surrounded by people. I prefer this. Sure bandwidth and being able to walk to a grocery store is nice. But so is feeling so safe I don't feel the need to lock anything. When I lived in Oslo my safe zone was my bedroom, and even there I feared invasion. Here, my safe zone extends for a few kilometers.

And that's why I'm sort of nomadic. A few months a year in a city (suburb), the rest of the year here. I get to experience the best of both worlds. And I miss rural life more when I'm there than vice versa.
22nd-May-2014 00:47 (UTC)
Lack of pressure is a sign that the hot water heater's pressure vessel (read: tank) has ruptured.

Also, a broken thermostat is dangerous. I could easily make the argument that it is already broken and it should be fixed. I don't believe that would be unreasonable.

Also, at least mine cost upwards of 1000 USD to replace (parts and labor). I'd expect something like 10k NOK unless if you go all out and ask for a solar powered one.
22nd-May-2014 00:48 (UTC)
Also, I have GOT to stop using the word 'also' so much.
22nd-May-2014 00:49 (UTC)
The hot water pressure is okay. It's the cold water pressure that's way too low.
22nd-May-2014 00:52 (UTC)
Ah, sorry, I misread it.
22nd-May-2014 06:06 (UTC) - Sykkel
Har du sykkel? Tre km på sykkel er ikke så ille som å gå. Og du kanskje kan skaffe en liten vogn bak til å ha posene i hvis det blir for tungt på styret? :) Hvis du ikke har sykkel, kanskje mamma kan hjelpe med å finne en på loppemarked å ta med til deg. Nes har noen bra loppiser nå på våren.. :) klem. Vogn bør finnes på biltema eller Claes Ohlsson, de sender vel med posten..
22nd-May-2014 12:41 (UTC) - Re: Sykkel
Joda, eg har sykkelen eg fikk av deg. Den står i kjellaren til Trude, der den har stått i over et år nå.

Problemet er vel meir at eg ikkje har et sted å sette den frå meg. Det er vel litt upraktisk å ta den med på skulebussen, få bussen til å stoppe i Rutledal så eg kan sette den frå meg (og så har eg ikkje lås til den heller - ganske nervøs for å sette den frå meg offentlig), og så fortsette med bussen til Brekke.
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