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I'm not lost, I just don't know where I'm going.
But I'm determined to enjoy the journey.
  Some time ago - maybe two weeks or so - I got a letter from… 
8th-Jun-2014 21:14
ginko with tea 3

Some time ago - maybe two weeks or so - I got a letter from NAV informing me that starting next year my benefits will change. I will be taxed at a much higher rate, but my base benefits are being increased to compensate and they don't say a thing about whether the sum I get to live on will be higher or lower or how much of a change I can expect.
This basically serves no purpose other than to make my anxiety levels skyrocket. By next year I expect to have bought the house and have a mortgage and a budget with way less breathing space than today. I kind of need to know how much more or less I'll have to live on.

There was some bullshit excuse about this being to make it easier for those on disability who are capable of it to work a little, that our disability pensions are being taxed at a normal working person's rate instead of significantly lower as it has been so far. I am so sick of "one size fits all" "solutions" being thrown my way. They never fit me.
8th-Jun-2014 19:16 (UTC)
What the hell? That makes absolutely no sense.
Maybe they're increasing benefits to equal your previous levels post-tax? That'd be about the only thing that would make sense without giving numbers in that situation.
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