Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Sometimes food is so difficult. / I miss cats / I need to buy new speakers.


I have lots of fresh food now, and some not-so-fresh that I really need to use before it's too late, and yet I chose low-effort several-months shelf life food because I was just too tired to do all of that rinsing, peeling, chopping and frying.

I get to go grocery shopping again on Tuesday. After that, as far as I know I won't see a grocery store in two weeks. It's really hard to not stock up like the apocalypse is coming when faced with this sort of thing.
I'm halfway through the month and I've used 63% of my grocery budget already, and this month's is more generous than what I'm aiming for too. I spend too much on food. If only I could get myself into the habit of planning my meals.. but I can't predict when I'll have the energy/motivation to cook a complex meal.

Maybe I should set up porting tweets to LJ like some of my friends do. Thoughts?
CAN we even filter out tags on LJ? Nope, doesn't look like it. Looks like tags are just for finding specific content, not getting rid of uninteresting or disturbing content.

My mental health seems stable, though I am frequently sad about not having cats and being helpless to do anything about it. Have not had any communication in a long time now; have tried emailing a few days ago, but no answer.. can only hope B. is taking an early summer vacation or some other not-hating-me reason for not answering. She's always been so positive to the idea of me fostering the kittens again.. and now, complete radio silence. I know it's my jerk brain in action when I find myself thinking they've decided I'm an unfit caretaker. I am awesome with cats. I have tamed feral kittens. I won Mauleen's trust. I just really, really want to get Fanari back and make things okay between us again. And I wonder how Xiomara is doing. Is she still stealing things? According to their website, Turbo Arcturus has been adopted out. I knew someone would fall in love with him.. he's so adorable.

The subwoofer unit of my computer speaker set died last night. Everything sounds like it's coming from a cheap handheld battery-operated radio from the 90s. Ugh. Going to have to buy new speakers. I have no idea what is good so I am open to recommendations. Not sure what my budget will be for this purchase. I'm not an audiophile, but crappy speakers bother me. I was never really happy with the set I have, but they worked well enough for a few years.
Tags: cats, food, mental health

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