Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Please let this be the time it works out...


We have a new date for getting the kitties. Monday. Here's to hoping for no crises or emergencies, and cats willing to enter their carriers.

Perhaps in just a few days, my main source of sadness will be my crappy speakers. (No, not really. I could fix that with some research, a chunk of money spent, and several days waiting for them to arrive in the mail.)
But the bass-deficient sounds coming from my speakers now IS affecting my mood.

Went for a walk to the lake, despite feeling incredibly fatigued. Good call; I felt better afterwards. It was beautiful out there, as always.

Posted some pics from my trip to Førde over on tumblr.

Today I received the binders I had ordered back around three weeks ago. This velcro side fastening thing will take some time getting used to, but it's more comfortable than my old one with the zipper in front. Not as flattening, though.. More like a sports bra. I haven't worn a bra for about two weeks now.. I just can't stand them anymore. I prefer my breasts safely tucked away, not put out on display. Plus I need to visit a specialty store to find a bra that's actually my size and they cost a small fortune. Slight envy to people who can go to a regular clothes store and find several options that work for them... except that I don't want to have breasts at all. But, since I do not have the genetic predisposition for breast cancer nor identify as a man, there's no way I can convince the medical establishment that I need to have them removed.

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