Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

There hasn't been a meow uttered in this house for over seven months...


..but that's because my foster kitties don't meow. I got my babies back on Monday. There has been some growling and hissing, but I have yet to hear a meow. Only one hiss has been directed at me; I came around a corner a bit fast and Xiomara hissed. They hiss when they are startled. When they were kittens, I always backed off when they hissed, letting them know that they had the right to not be touched. I guess I should have encouraged them to express themselves in other ways, but how do you teach a cat to meow, anyway? Their mother was mostly quiet.

Remember these babies from last summer?


2014-06-23 15.30.45

I haven't been able to take very good photos of them yet. They hid out in the bathroom for most of the day Monday, eventually coming out to explore. Seems like Xiomara (the dark tortie, not in these photos) was the bravest one this time. They all let me pet them, if they want to be pet, and during meal times. But mostly they hide. They need time to re-adjust, but so far it looks promising.

Tuesday they mainly stayed under my bed and under my couch, as opposed to under the shower cabinet on the first day. They're all using their litterboxes properly and I think everything will be fine in a few days, once they are used to their new old environment. Xiomara is more shy again now. I have heard all three of them purr - Xiomara was the first, and Fanari the most frequent. It surprises me that she so readily accepts affection from me, considering how we parted ways (she mauled me pretty badly when I was trying to get her into her carrier, and I think it was just as traumatic for me to have to violate her trust and keep going after her even though she hissed again and again. I cried more over the emotional impact than the pain - and the pain was pretty intense. I had to go on antibiotics.)
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