Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Life is actually pretty good these days.


I see the cats several times a day. They often come when called for. They let me pet them, and they purr. Just the past day or two, some of them have started to come back inside for naps in dry and comfortable places. They generally don't allow me to remove ticks, though.. so it's not perfect, but it's fairly nice. I'm knitting a new Kitty Pi as they only have one to share, and they don't all fit in it anymore.

My new washer arrives on Monday. (The old one died.. a bit over a week ago I think it was) - I could easily afford it; my main concern was with the logistics of getting it home. I have asked for help in that from my aunt and she has promised me the help I need. I've been working on doing everything I can to help - today I cut the grass on the path, moved the old washer out of the way, and general cleaning in the entryway.
I still need to wash the floor of the bathroom where the washer is supposed to go. Oh yeah, and the old one had a mouse nest in it. I'm glad I still have a full day left to get everything in order. I could have had it delivered yesterday if I wanted, but I knew I wouldn't be ready. Cutting the grass (with a scythe) left me exhausted and I had a four-hour nap.. not too surprising considering I once again had an insufficient amount of sleep last night.

Busy week coming up.. Washer arriving on Monday, going to Førde again on Tuesday, and my regular cooking duty on Wednesday. I do not like having so many events so close together. Trips to Førde are exhausting. I wish I could nap on buses.

I should call my mom one of these days, find out when she's coming here and how long she'll stay for.
Tags: foster kitties, life in brosvika

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