Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

I've not been good at updating this recently.


Mom is here now. Yay.

This afternoon we went out to the lake. I swam for a bit, while my mother and grandmother went for a walk.

I also made ice cream. Used the basic recipe, only reduced the sugar to 2/3 of the original amount (tasted just fine; I can probably reduce it to half and it'll still be good) and added 13 drops of peppermint oil for flavoring. (can probably reduce to 10 - it was't overpowering, but it was stronger than it needed to be)

So both times I've tried out the ice cream maker, the blade has stopped moving before it was all done because it froze stuck. How the hell are you supposed to add flavoring/berries/etc at the last five minutes when the machine has stopped blending the ice cream fifteen minutes ago? Also the ice cream melts rapidly. If you are happy with store-bought ice cream flavors, you might as well not bother making your own. But I love weird, non-standard flavors, plus my local selection is poor, and I like my ice cream to be less sweet than regular. So for flavor, making my own is worth it.
Would be interesting to do the math, see how much the ingredients for one batch runs me, vs. how much the same amount of commercially produced ice cream costs. I'm reasonably confident that making my own costs more.

But I had peppermint ice cream today. That's not something I can buy in a store, here.
It was a bit rich, too. Maybe replace some of the cream with milk next time?

Cats: I swear they are taking turns "going missing" - Xiomara was gone for over 24 hours; came back a couple of hours ago. She seemed more skittish than before, less tame. Fanari has become really affectionate lately and is the most frequently purring cat now.

This is a fairly common sight around here, especially in the mornings.
2014-07-14 13.43.302014-07-13 21.28.12
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