Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
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It's been a while, again.

The cats are doing well. Xiomara and Turbo usually nap inside most of the time now. I don't see much of Fanari, but she typically stops by once a day for food. When she does, she purrs and is affectionate, just as before. I suspect her of sneaking in to eat while I'm out or sleeping, too. She's not always ravenous, but sometimes she hisses at the other cats and wants the wet food all to herself (I mainly feed them dry food, with about a single serving of wet food shared between they once a day).

The water scarcity ended earlier this week with some heavy rain. I think the well is situated stupidly in the river, where if the river drops below a certain level, there's no inflow into the well anymore. I should go up there and check at some point. Haven't been there for a decade or so. I used to roam a lot more before. Explore. There are still places in the woods here where I have never been before.

Mom left this morning, and I'm back to not knowing when I can next go grocery shopping. Yesterday we went on a trip to Åsane, where I spent more money than I make in a month.

That sounds bad, but keep in mind that I don't make a ton of money, living on a disability pension, and I really did need a new mattress.

Had to shell out quite a bit for transportation, so I bought a new office chair while I was there because it wouldn't add to the transportation costs, and yes I really do need a new office chair too.

The new bra I bought wasn't cheap either. They never are, at my size.

There was also some grocery shopping, including several items that can only be found at stores in more densely populated areas, and so I had to buy some because I have no idea when I'd get the opportunity again. Perhaps that is something I could explore with my therapist.

My older brother was also here for about a week and we had a great time. He's surprised us all by going vegan, and it was kind of fun to expand my culinary repertoire. I even tried making vegan ice cream (silken tofu, soy milk, pears, ginger, maple syrup) - the taste was fine, but I think I screwed up on the consistency. Some parts got frozen solid while others were as soft as half-frozen milk shake.

My brother also brought me a bag full of dried beans, soy chunks, TSP, and the two types of tea I had requested (Butterfly of Taiwan, which I haven't had in ages, and Cachemire, my grandmother's favorite)

How quickly I get used to the lower difficulty setting of having other people present who support me..
Tags: foster kitties, life in brosvika, shopping trip of doom!

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