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Things happening.


There have been mice in the attic. I think I've gotten all of them now - five in total. Just gave them to the cats. One mouse was unfortunate enough to have the trap misfire and leave it alive. In hindsight, I should have just killed it before handing it over to the cats. Would have been kinder. I don't know if it eventually got away or not, as I was off looking for Fanari, who had gone missing. (she was okay) - Xiomara really terrorized that poor little brave mouse that tried to defend itself.

Financially, I'm having some difficulties balancing my budget. It's mainly my spending in the grocery category. I should be able to eat cheaper than I do, really.

With other large expenses earlier this month (new mattress, had my hair done for the first time in a year and a half, new computer speakers, new bra, visit to high-end grocery store), I've had to funnel funds out of my grocery budget and I'm left with very little left for the rest of the month. I am not in any way short of money - I have huge buffers - but the whole point of this experiment is that I should be able to live off of what's left of my disability pension after loan payments have been subtracted. That I should end up with a little bit more money in my accounts at this month's payday compared to the last one. But I've had months where I've been backsliding, and sometimes it feels like I make no progress at all.

I found an engorged adult tick on the floor this morning - must've fallen off one of the cats. I have imprisoned it and will be doing some science to it. I had one last summer. It lasted for about a month, then died. Perhaps this year I will find a live male adult so they can mate. I don't know what tick eggs look like; could be useful finding out.

Cats are doing okay. Xiomara is still very skittish. Turbo hates it when I try to remove ticks from him. Fanari is still absent a lot of the time, but when she's here, she's quite affectionate. Still think she could benefit from being the only pet in her household. She is very bossy and hates sharing.

Really need to pick up my reading pace if I want to meet my goal of reading 21 books this year. Ugh. I need better habits.

In current events, I'm trying to pay as much attention as I can bear to regarding what's happening in Ferguson. It is terrifying and heartbreaking and a grim reminder that a large portion of the populace are already living in an oppressive dystopian society. Marginalized voices on twitter have been saying for years that the police is the largest terrorist organization in the US. Turns out they were right all along. (For additional reading, there's a fair bit of relevant stuff in my twitter favorites.. and, wow, if I keep this up much longer I'll have more faved tweets than posted ones. I knew I fave far more often than most users and that I have a low tweet count for an account of my age, but I didn't realize the ratio was getting this close to 1:1..)
White people can't be trusted with positions of power. Especially the power of deciding that another person should die. I am extremely unlikely to be the victim of police abuse on account of being white. If it ever happens to me, it will be because the cop is a man who hates women.

Not that I necessarily identify as a woman. Still, Norway has only two legal genders and the other one is a much worse fit for me. And I could still be a woman - there are many ways to be a woman, and just because I am decidedly unfeminine and would like to have my breasts removed doesn't make me not a woman. I expect it could take me years to come to a conclusion. For those of you who have known me for years, feminine pronouns are fine. But I've had this intense attraction to non-gendered language for as long as I can recall. I would much rather be referred to a person than a woman. Sometimes I use they/them/theirs as my pronouns. It.. feels more accurate than she/her/hers which marks me as female.

Kind of miss the golden age of LJ when people would sometimes have entire conversations in the comments of a post.. You know it delights me when people I know who don't know each other talk together in my posts, right?

Despite a dearth of knitting recently, my mental health has been good. I attribute it to the cats. I ran out of yarn FIVE ROUNDS away from finishing a kitty pi last night. So frustrating. It's a week and a half until I will have the opportunity to buy more yarn. (the one budget category I didn't deplete to cover shortfalls, because I know I'm going to buy more yarn)
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