Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

On Money and Food


Yesterday I had a meeting at the local bank to explore my options for getting a loan. I will be talking about parts of it and omitting others. It's a difficult subject for me. The conclusion was that I could get a loan for a little more than half of what I was thinking of, I think. Anyway I'll probably get a loan from my online bank instead; they have a more favorable interest rate.

But while looking through all of these convoluted figures, the guy pulled up a sort of standard budget that assumes average expenses. And apparently for a woman of my age group, living alone, I'm supposed to spend about 2000 kroner on food per month.

..I can spend twice that much if I'm not careful.

So I'm trying to pay more attention to prices, annoyed whenever something is poorly labeled.
Then there's trying to eat cheaply and healthily at the same time. While some of my US friends talk about being unable to get rid of their abundant zucchini, at my local grocery store one zucchini squash costs 24,90 NOK. That's 4.02 USD. For one SINGLE zucchini. (earlier this year, maybe around June, it was about half of that. I've seen them as low as 9,90, but that was on sale)

Obviously, zucchinis are not for me anymore. Because I have to live frugally now, I can't have Nice Things.

I just want some zucchini. It's a tasty, low-calorie filler. But I feel like certain foods are clearly not meant for me, being priced as high as they are. Bread prices are insane. I really should start baking my own.

Because I am low-income (thankfully I also have relatively low expenses) I spend a much higher % of my income on food compared to the average wage earner.
Tags: food, money

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