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so, vacation..


I really ought to use my LJ more. I've been posting two daily entries on Tumblr so far (more of an audience there, more replies), but I sort of have the feeling that Livejournal is here to stay and Tumblr might at some point explode or lose all my posts or something.
So here they are:

Vacation day 1 - said goodbye to Xiomara-kitty and Turbo Arcturus. Fanari didn’t show up for breakfast, but that’s not unusual for her. Got a ride to Sollibotn from my aunt, and took the boat to Bergen. Checked in at Marken Gjestehus, where I usually stay when I need to spend a night in Bergen.
Wandered around, did some light shopping, got exhausted, took two naps, had a meal, read a bit, then went to bed.
And yes, we encountered deer on the way to the boat.
photos at tumblr - 2 of Turbo, one of deer, one of boat

vacation day 2 (September 20th)
including the two naps I took yesterday, I got a decent enough amount of sleep. The morning was fine. Showered, got dressed, had breakfast, brewed some tea (despite the lack of a teapot in that kitchen), re-packed. checked out and headed over to the airport bus.

I was really early, so I just sat down for a while, knitting and drinking tea. Once I had depleted my tea enough where I could fit the rest in the smaller thermos, I stuffed the big one into my suitcase, along with the knitting, just in case - the acrylic needle tips were discontinued a while ago, and while I don’t think they would have taken them, that makes them irreplaceable. Plus I had plastic DPNs and other yarn to start on another kitty pi anyway.

Checked my bag, sat around drinking more tea, read a little. Once I had finished off my tea, I went through security.. had to sacrifice my leftover Farris, but at that point I don’t think I could hold any more liquid.

Security was not a problem. Only snag was that I didn’t realize I needed to remove my tablet from my bag, so it had to go through a second time.

Ate some sushi, which was a good decision. Didn’t have time to finish off my tall glass of tea, so I poured it onto my now-empty thermos and had it on the flight instead.

On the first flight I was seated next to a Dude Taking up Too Much Space . you know the kind. Legs spread, encroaching on both adjacent seats, both armrests claimed. I wasn’t too bothered as I had an aisle seat, but the woman in the window seat looked uncomfortable. I did not speak up, though, because that is really hard for me to do, and he was probably not even aware of how much of a jerk he was being.

Layover in Gardermoen was okay. I was a bit underwhelmed, really. No Dyson Airblades in the bathroom I used, and no charging points at the gate. Which was okay with me as I had remembered to charge my Mobile Juice Pack.

Oh, and the duty-free store. I breezed past all the cosmetics, tobacco and booze, and purchased very nearly 2 kilograms (1965 grams) of chocolate / candy. Because I am totally an adult.

Second flight was fine. Arrived in Arlanda and wandered back and forth a few times trying to locate the hotel. Phone’s GPS wandered all over the place, so while I knew where I was going, I had no indication of where I was. I got directions from someone who asked me if I needed help, because I sure wouldn’t have been able to initiate that conversation. Eventually found the hotel, checked in, relaxed for a while.

By this time, the sushi was a distant memory and I needed to get something to eat. I researched my options online because it always helps to have a plan firmly in place. But when I got out there, I saw that my first choice of restaurant had already closed (when I checked the website again it said it was supposed to be open for another hour) so I eventually found someplace else, but while I was waiting in line I lost my last spoon and was all NOPE, I can’t talk to anyone. So I went back to my room, reduced to eating Toblerone for sustenance. I was really not in the mood for chocolate, or anything sweet, but that was apparently my only option that didn’t require human interaction.

Much later, I had recovered some, and remembered that the McDonald’s didn’t close until 23:00, so I had half an hour left. So I went out there again, nearly lost my nerve twice, but eventually managed to place an order.. which they got wrong, but I couldn’t speak up about that. I also was not asked if the order was to go or eat in, but I found a quiet corner where I could be alone, and the food was just fine, and what I paid for it matched what I got, and at that point I really didn’t care what I ate as long as it was food and not candy.

So that’s it, really. aetherspoon is on his flight over here right now, and tomorrow morning I am meeting him here. And so, I will try to get some sleep. Good night.

There have also been a lot of relevant tweeting. I wish there were a simple way to link to a range of tweets, like all from one day. But Twitter is ephemeral. While you can have a permalink to one tweet, you can't browse back or forwards from there, and digging deep takes ages. I suppose I could try using Storify.

I hope my cats aren't freaking out about me being gone.
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