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I'm not lost, I just don't know where I'm going.
But I'm determined to enjoy the journey.
  Left to my own devices, I'm not doing that great. It's been… 
5th-Sep-2015 23:54
Self greenhair

Left to my own devices, I'm not doing that great.

It's been well over a month since I got back home, and I haven't even talked to anyone from the bank (none have made an effort to contact me either) because I don't really know who I need to talk to. I finally have a doctor appointment this coming Tuesday, so maybe things in general can start moving forward again.

The cats are okay. They're more unfriendly to each other than before, but they are all more affectionate with me. Xiomara even comes up onto my lap on her own initiative sometimes. It's a rare and precious thing, and she takes a long time to settle down, and she doesn't stay for as long as the others. Fanari can curl up on my lap and stay there for hours.

It's just.. everything is too much. I could deal with a fraction of the issues I face. But I can't prioritize, so I end up doing less than I am capable of, and sometimes I don't do something I could because it is less important than something I am unable to do. I'm having serious executive function struggles. I haven't updated my budget in over a month. I rarely leave the house. Everything is such a mess.

In "things that are actually getting better" news.. I have water pressure again. I don't know what happened, but on Wednesday, August 26th, when I got up in the afternoon, I had decent/good water pressure.. when for the past several days it was so terrible I couldn't shower or do the dishes. Maybe someone cleaned out a filter somewhere that hadn't been maintained for years? I'm not sure it has ever been this good in the seven and a half years I've lived here, and it's stayed good since then.

I just want someone to come visit me for a few weeks, help me out with the house during the day and binge-watch some TV or anime show at night. I really want to re-watch Leverage, but I kind of want to have someone to share it with. Who here hasn't seen Leverage yet?
7th-Sep-2015 23:13 (UTC)
Stumbled upon this blog, and felt like commenting.
But there's not much to say that's easy to say, so I'll say good luck at the doctor tomorrow!

Things will get better, somehow.
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