Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking


Unusual day at work.. my boss sent me to her house (been there two or three times before) to get the sound card on her daughter's computer working, and to check her home computer for viruses.
Let me just say that her daughter has the surfing habits of a total moron. I have never seen so much spyware on a single computer before.. anyway, it didn't take me long to figure out that the lack of sound was because of the sound card drivers missing, and thankfully the card had the name listed on the outside so I didn't have to take it out to figure out which model it was. No real issues with the other computer.. didn't find any viruses, some spyware but nothing too serious.

On my way home, I bought more Japanese Wild Cherry green tea, and two metal tea boxes.. one with a very cute kitten on it, the other obviously meant for rooibush tea, with all the African stuff on it. I liked the design.
I need to get different flavors of rooibush, I only have one.. it'd be nice to have a wider variety of tea to offer my mom when she visits. She's mormon and takes her religion very seriously, as I did when I was in that phase, so no caffeine for her. I can only respect that choice.
(It's not quite right to call it the same phase, though.. she's a convert and I'm an anti-convert, heh)

Stopped by the local dentist office, asked about the price and finding it not too unreasonable, got an appointment for monday next week. w00t.
And so I got home an hour before I'd normally get off work. ^_^

Going to enjoy some tea and several episodes of Inuyasha. Only watched two last night, still 37 episodes to go.

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