Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

past 22:00, but still not too late..

I think I'm getting better.

Not much worth noting today. Didn't see the sun at all. Despite daylight, I could not tell where behind the encompassing cover of clouds the sun was. I don't mind much, but another week of this and I'll go insane. Until we're so deep in snow the reflections will blind me, I need the sun. Waking up to darkness and coming home to darkness is slowly eroding my mental health.

Anyhow.. Didn't watch much anime today (Inuyasha 140 and Naruto 108 raw), unless you want to count hentai.. *cough*

Going to be a busy weekend.. I'm helping Johan and/or his mother out with computer stuff tomorrow probably, and barbecue with my family on saturday if it doesn't rain. The way the weather has been lately, I don't know..
My dad has serious problems with his internet connectivity too.. kept calling me asking for help last night. Gah, I don't have time to play tech support.. those things aren't easy to fix over the phone. And it's stuff I'd expect him to figure out intuitively like I do. He is computer literate. A long, long time ago, I learned from him.. but mostly from my aniki. ^_^
Now it's I who teach my dad stuff.

I wonder if I'll be able to sleep tonight.. I really don't feel sleepy at all.
Have to try.

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