Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking


I got to see the sun on the way home from work. It magically made everything all right again, and I felt happy. Weird.

Barely had time to relax at home before Johan came by, and we went over to his mother's apartment and helped her set up her brand new laptop. Installed Mozilla Firefox and set it as the default browser. She uses webmail, so I didn't bother installing Thunderbird. Also set up a printer.
Johan gave me a new flexi pass (8 single trips), so I have gained 6 free trips. Yay. Also got free dinner. And they say they owe me a favor. Heh.
The only inconvenience to me was that we finished up about the time I'd be getting ready to go to bed if I was home, but it's the weekend so it's no big deal. I had fun.

Of course this also means I got zero anime time today.

Oh yes, and I've had a small bit of productivity today.. I finished making this page (the reason I was learning tables earlier) - mostly to be used as a reference for my work. Once I get past the first few episodes, it should be mostly copying and pasting anyway. Also discovered that two of the special jounin were missing from ANN's encyclopedia, so I looked up and added Raidou's seiyuu, and discovered that Aoba possibly never appeared in the credits. Not even in episode 83, which was his most prominent part in the series so far. Poor Yamashiro-kun..
While looking at the credits for episode 98, I also noticed "Nara Shikaku".. And, um, Raidou wasn't in ep 98, was he? I kept skipping through the episode, but couldn't find him. (98 has that scene where Koharu summons Genma and Aoba). I guess they put in "Special Jounin C" instead of "Special Jounin D" or something. =P

sleep now.

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