Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

"social anxiety" is just a label I wear as an excuse for not trying harder

And.. that's all I have to write about that, really.

Also just now got a strange urge to bake cookies - no idea which kind. I think I am going to enjoy this holiday season.

I've never really been comfortable with calling it "christmas".. that has "christ" in it. In norwegian, we call it "Jul" - yeah, like yule. Winter solstice and all that.
I picked up the term "giftmas" from someone.. I think it was in a post in exmormon, but I can't remember who posted it, and no idea who coined the term. I like it.
Christmas/Giftmas has been overcommercialized, and few things disgust me more than kids who expect to get lots of loot. In part I'm just envious. I never got the best loot while I was a kid, but in recent years I've gotten some really great presents. When I mock stupid presents I get, it's all for the humor value. Like that time I got a table cloth, and commented "I don't even own a table. What the heck do I use a table cloth for?!"

Anyway, it doesn't matter much what the present is - as long as I get one, or a card, as an affirmation that I am remembered and cared about. But if I'm just a name to tick off a list, I'd rather not get anything.
I find giving to be more fun than getting. But that tends to be tough on my economy.. I don't have much of an income.

But if anyone wants a card, email me your address if I don't already have it. ^_^

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