Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

stayed up too late again.


Did accomplish a bit today, mostly on the shopping front. Headed to Asia Supermarket after work, bought tofu, ginger candy and some incense. Then I went down to Black Cat and got myself two more tea boxes, some rooibush tea, and a small box of spiced tea. Lastly, headed to Outland, where they were out of Volume 2 of Bleach.. so I bought volume 3, and volume 2 of the Suikoden 3 manga. They'll have volume 2 again thursday or friday, but I'll cap my spending for now.. I still have plenty for the shopping trip of DOOM!, but no need to cut it close.
But retail therapy feels good, even if it's just minor stuff.

Only found the time to watch one episode of inuyasha today.. 22 to go.

Cleared out the stuff under my bed.. no dead creatures, just a lot of dust bunnies.
And so, sleep..

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