Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Somewhat eventful day..

Well, not at work.. work was the same old boring, so I left an hour and a half early, and visited my friend Tina at Pandabutikken. Had a nice, long chat, and got tips on where to buy fleece fabric.
As advised, I went to Grønland, a part of town with lots of stores run by immigrants.. So they have a lot of nice clothes and fabrics, and fruits, vegetables and other foodstuffs of the kind you'd never find at regular stores here. Anyway, I got some fleece, (what do I need fleece for? read this) and while I was in the area, I grabbed a couple of plantains too. Also going along with the theme of foodstuff I could never have imagined on my own, I got a glass of peanut satay sauce, and a small gourd-shaped vegetable that claimed to be a pumpkin. Heaven knows what I'm going to use all this stuff for.. I'll figure it out somehow.

Been thinking about how this relates to self-discovery.. I have to try everything to find out what I like, right? I can't just stick with the familiar forever. Such a limited world I'd live in if I did.

Anime progress: three episodes of Inuyasha, bringing the backlog down to 18.

By the way, does anyone know what the heck happened to the anime series 2x2=Shinobuden? It's been a while since episode 10 was subbed, and episode 11 is the last raw I ever saw.. I thought it was supposed to have 12 episodes..

And now, sleep.

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