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neat, I didn't know omoshiroi was written with the character for white. And the character for mask or surface. white surface? can anyone say oooh shiny? I'm sure amused by this.

Anyway.. I was reading my friends of friends page, and came across this entry, which made me think "I do that too.. only not that extremely" (I believe I have mentioned picking up on others' writing styles and such in the past)

So having nothing better to do, other than reading manga, I decided to check out what asperger syndrome really is - I had heard the name mentioned before, but had no idea what it was. And wow, I recognize myself in several of those traits. Then again there are a few that don't fit me at all.. and some that I sort of see in myself as a child, but doesn't apply to my adult self. So yeah, I don't think I have aspberger's.

Anyway, I just found it interesting, but now my concentration is shot again. I wonder if there's a specific cause for my lack of ability to focus.

Probably lack of sleep. Odessa woke me up a few times tonight. And it was cold.. so very very cold, it must've been several degrees below freezing. But no precipitation, so no snow. And dry ground means no slipping and falling on the way to work. I am quite content.

Oh, and yesterday morning, I woke up to find Odessa sleeping beside me. Awww, cute. I love when she does that.

Cut out the parts to use for my cute hat project, leaving one long strip of fleece that I decided to wear as a scarf today. Nice and soft and warm, and I could totally make a ninja mask out of this stuff.

Maybe it's sugar. I've had four cups of tea so far today (one real and three of the teabag variety), none with sugar. Sugar is good for the brain, right? </Azumanga moment>

I'll just continue reading my manga now.. -_-

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