Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

First snow.

Happened as I was walking home from work today. It was already dark when I left, fifteen minutes early. About halfway home I noticed tiny motes of light briefly visible in the headlights of passing cars. Could that really be snow?
It couldn't even be seen unless directly illuminated.

But as my journey dragged on (yes I am rather tired), it became clear to me that it was in fact snow. That is the most pathetic first snow I've ever seen, I thought, and as if to mock me, the amount of snow slowly increased. By the time I got to Gaustad, I was mesmerized by the myriad of snow particles (nope, not large enough to be called snowflakes, sorry) blowing past the streetlights. And LJ addict that I am, I was thinking of how that would make a neat icon if I only had a camera and the patience to put together an animated gif of it. -_-;

By the time I crossed Ring 3, I could see people's footprints in the snow. Just before getting home, the non-trafficked road was a solid white.

But it wasn't even half a centimeter of snow. And it looks like it has stopped now. But anyway, firstsnowyay!

Edit: And now it's snowing again. Large flakes. Pretty.
But I'm not too keen on going to work tomorrow.. or even out of the house.

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