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Today was pretty good.


Ahem. Anyway, went out to my boss's house, where the boss's son's computer (fittingly named SATAN-<gibberish of letters and numbers here>) wouldn't go online. "we've tried everything" - except, of course, specifying which wireless network to connect to and the pass phrase.
eventually figured it out (stupid wireless, wouldn't work until after rebooting) - highlight of the day was calling my boss to ask about a password - boss's daughter (who was home sick) just dialed the number and handed me her cell, resulting in my boss answering the phone with "Hi darling" XD

Anyway, that fixed, I could just go home, but my inner techie wanted to have a go at the hordes on spyware on the girl's computer. I asked her if she wanted me to remove it, got a yes and started doing my thing. And yes, I did get it all. Last time I was there, I just removed some of it, spyware removal wasn't the reason I was there, so I left the job half done.. I felt kind of bad about that, since I like to brag about there not being any spyware I've encountered that I have failed to remove.
Also installed Firefox and told her to use it instead of IE if she wanted to avoid getting re-infected. She thanked me. ^_^

And as far as anime goes, I'm down to eight episodes of Inuyasha to go - will probably finish it tomorrow or the next day.

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