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stupid LJ addiction..

I have this urge to create another account and live a separate life - starting out by joining some community of some interest to me, seeing what kind of people I meet and who ends up as my friends. Sort of a social experiment thing.. sick, isn't it? I don't really have time for it anyway.

Maybe I just want a different name. But there's no way I'd abandon Kriatyrr, and I don't even have an idea of what my other name would be.

Actually, I do have a secret journal - one that lists only me as a friend (my "friend of" is hidden on this account of course), where I only post private entries.. well, filtered really, to the friends group with just me in it, so I don't have to log out to read my stuff.

A true stalker should be able to find it.. hmm.. I feel like offering a prize for whoever gets it. Anyone besides maully interested in taking up the challenge? :P

Work stuff: fixed two problems today.
The win2k computers in the Auditorium wouldn't go online. I figured it out right away as I checked the ipconfig of a random comp - it was connecting to the wireless router that refuses to connect to the rest of the network, instead of to the access point a bit further away. Turned off the router and access was restored.
A computer in my boss's office wouldn't boot - noticed it didn't detect its hard drive. Opened the case and made sure the cables were secure (one felt like it was a bit loose), set it to boot from the hard drive in BIOS, and it worked.
It pleases me when the first thing I do fixes the problem.

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