Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

LJ junkie, that's what I am.

Dentist appointment went well. I just sprawled across the comfortable chair, mouth open and eyes closed, reciting the lyrics to Life is like a Boat in my head, thinking about how nice it was to see certain favorite characters of mine in the latest Naruto episode, and about how I was going to post about the experience on LJ when I got back. ^_^"

Anyway, yay for anesthesia and my ability to space out. It was over with reasonably quick - and now I have a very funny sensation in the lower half of my face.

It cost less than the estimate I got last time - I got a discount for having a low income. Yay! (still not cheap, but I feel like buying something nice with the money I saved)

And so, my weekend begins. ^_^

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