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statistics, my comments / minor site update / anime progress

Sometimes I wonder if I comment more on my friends of friends' entries than my friends'. >_>
So here are some statistics..

::goes to for last 50 comments posted::

out of those 50..

6 comments were posted in my own journal
12 comments were posted in friends of friends' journals
16 comments were posted in communities
16 comments were posted in friends' journals

and I also posted an anonymous comment today, on a FOAF's entry asking for anonymous confessions.. I said I was addicted to reading and commenting on my friends of friends page. :P
Oh yes, and mini mini site update: seiyuu credits for episodes 109 and 110-111 are up. Now I just need to finish the ones for episodes 5 through 108 ^_^; Going to add navigation links such as next, previous, skip 10, index.. later. much later. Kind of tired now. Oh yes, also uploaded the one missing picture, and replaced a couple of old crummy ones on the character list.

I wish I was more motivated to work on the site.

Watched five episodes of Planetes together with maully. Also watched another episode of Last Exile by myself, seventeen left - should be able to finish it before the end of the month and start on One Piece by the first of December. Downloading the first batch torrent now.

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