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Lorelai had a completely random Blue Screen of Death tonight. I can't even remember when she last had one - I think it might've been this spring, when I installed new ram and she kept bluescreening on startup until I rearranged the chips in an aesthetically pleasing fashion (the one of a different brand than the other two in the middle slot. -_-')
Other repeated bluescreens have come from using my ISDN card, during that time I was without DSL.. I don't even remember how long ago that was.

But both of those had clear causes - this one came out of the blue. I was just sitting there watching anime. And downloading a torrent, and.. zlorfik, I had like five instances of notepad open with unsaved stuff in them. Nothing horribly important, but it annoys me to lose stuff.

So, uh, feel free to cheer me up or something, though it's not a serious funk I'm in by far. Just your normal "the weekend is almost over and what did I accomplish?" thing.

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