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the subject field is not long enough to sum up all the points in this post..

My body hurts quite a bit - but I don't think it has anything to do with yesterday's kittyhat-theft. Most likely, it's because I had a three-day weekend (and it was sweet) where I had very little of any physical activity, and so my body wasn't quite prepared to walking for an hour and a half (each way) to and from work.

And of course I didn't stretch properly. I never remember to.

Oh yes, and my beloved she-kitty woke me up at 3:45 because she wanted to go outside.
And she woke me up again at 5:11 when she wanted to come back in again.

But she was sleeping right next to me when I woke up at 7 this morning. ^_^

Tired. Watched eight episodes of Last Exile tonight.. x_x Just three more to go - I will start watching One Piece tomorrow as planned.

I got a mail from Snowy yesterday, asking about the status of the picture I was going to send him.. five months ago. -_-'
I hadn't forgotten.. there's barely been a day I haven't thought about it. I'm just so swamped with stuff that needs to be done, whatever isn't marked high priority doesn't get done. I don't like it.. and it's a really poor excuse.

I've used the excuse of being damn near broke and not affording postage several times. If I could just find those pre-paid postage envelopes I got ages ago.. I didn't even use a single one. It must've been like two years ago, at least.

And I'm planning to send people cards this year. I wonder how well that will go.

::takes a deep breath::

in better news, niichan received the tickets today and will be sending them on to me (they would only ship to the billing address).
So all I have to do now is to wait for them to arrive, and get a hefty travel insurance to ward off ornery Florida drivers.

I'm going to Florida for giftmas, yaaaay! I'll see trees of kinds I could never imagine on my own, have key lime pie for the first time, meet my possibly future parents-in-law, get laid for the first time since August, hopefully meet Seth and Sean again, and meet rekenner for the first time too. But most importantly, I will not have to look at snow for a whole three weeks. ^__^ (And of course spend time together with my loved one.)

Odessa will have to stay with my mom and two youngest siblings. Considering how she is scared of strangers and pretty much only accepts me and my little brother, this is a better solution than putting her in some expensive kennel, even if I could afford that. Which I don't, naturally.

Meh, I won't have much in spending money.. And I still owe my dad a lot of money from this summer. With stuff being so much cheaper in the US than up here, I was hoping to be able to pick up a decent digital camera.

Oooh, shiny.. I just noticed Semagic has an "Update" link to update the userpics - no more logging out and in again if I've changed something.. oh yeah, that's right, I just upgraded Semagic a couple of days ago or so. Figured it wasn't there all along.

And I finally ran out of HD space on Daisuke. I'm surprised I didn't hit 20 GB ages ago.. must be that I switched from 320kbps to 160kbps some time ago. Anything over 192 is a waste of space, I don't have speakers/headphones good enough to tell the difference.

I need sleep.

but before I go, colorbar.

_thesadist_ is loved.

Helena (_thesadist_) is currently hospitalized after she was assaulted and damn near killed from the sound of it. She's going to be okay, physically at least.. I only just started getting to know her before this happened, so I don't know how she will handle the psychological trauma, but she seems to me to be a strong girl, I hope she will be able to overcome it in time.
In the mean time, please show your support for her. Follow the link of this colorbar and grab one of the many posted there if you want to, or just post.

I probably wouldn't have met her if not for my friends of friends page..

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