Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Blah. and more "things that piss me off"

Back at work. Wish I could've stayed at home lounging around like I did this morning, which resulted in not having breakfast and arriving at work just before 11 when I'm supposed to be here 9 or 9:30. *whistles*

But I got a good cup of tea, that's all that counts, right? And a good börek on my way.

Things that piss me off: Finding my computer tampered with. Again this morning, my work computer was turned OFF when I arrived. I'm going to write an angry note telling people to not touch it. It doesn't have WinXP, so no secondary logon - others logging on means logging me off. Which is a bad thing. I frequently have several instances of notepad open, with unsaved stuff - I only save stuff if I intend to keep it, or something I absolutely can't afford to lose to a power outage or whatever.

This is the third time I've come to find my computer turned off by someone. I won't ever get used to it. And having to start up eight programs that with normal use are just there.. annoys me.

But anyway, back to the intended subject of this entry: Why I don't like it being December all of a sudden.

Every year, from December the 1st, they sell christmas trees near where I live, and a lot of other places too. I can't stand to be near these tree-morgues. It smells of death and pain to me. And they are located at places that are hard to avoid, like outside every mall. It saddens me that so many trees are killed, and discarded without a second thought once the holiday season is over.

I want a cute little plastic tree with fiberoptic lights. I love fiberoptics. ^_^

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