Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
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blah tired crash bed


That's it for tonight. Came home from work dead tired, managed to brew up a cup of tea and finished off the last three episodes of Last Exile. Pretty good series overall, medium+ tear jerker for me. Not quite so good that I'd consider buying it. Character designs reminded me very much of Suikoden II. Very pretty.

There really isn't much anime I'm planning to buy. Really just Planetes, but I can't find anything on Bandai's site about a release date. Wolf's Rain was great too, but I didn't like the ending..especially not the 4-episode OVA which continued where the TV series ended.
Kind of want to buy Revolutionary Girl Utena, but the series is 39 episodes.. would be way too expensive.

Would it really be any different if I had a DVD player? I'm so used to watching anime on my computer. Taking screenshots whenever I want.. a click of the mouse to select where to watch from.. Sure, it'd be nice to sit in front of the TV with a remote control. I suppose I could adjust.

Now, soundtracks on the other hand, I am much more prone to buying. ^_^
Too bad several of the ones I want (like the Hunter X Hunter soundtracks) are so old they are impossible to find for sale. ::sigh::
Officially started watching One Piece, only had time for one episode though. Will probably only watch one more tomorrow, I'm starting to lag behind on other series.

I wanted to make Thursdays my site update day.. but there's work to be done at work tomorrow, I'll probably just do the credits for this week's episode, and maybe one or two others since this one's a pure cut and paste job.

It's really discouraging how I haven't received a single piece of email regarding my site, and I don't think anyone outside of my friendslist even knows of it. Spam is not my thing, and seeing as it's still very unfinished, I wouldn't feel right advertising it anyway.
But if you come across someone seeking specific information of the kind that I may have, feel free to point them to my site and tell them to email me if what they are looking for isn't there. My goal is to become a (or the?) sage of the english-speaking Naruto fandom, much like Blue Moon is to Suikoden.

I could use another weekend right about now. Haven't gotten enough sleep lately, and the she-cat is only partially to blame.

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