Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

thoughts on memes, and thoughts on traffic

I have a love/hate relationship with the quizzes and memes that routinely infect a large portion of my friends and friendsfriends pages. Some of them are kind of funny.

But some are downright lame. A lot of them are just "enter your username here and I'll randomly assign names from your friendslist to these labels"

I also don't need to know what kind of magical creature you are, what your element/color/underwear* is, or which celebrity or fictional character you are going to marry.
Some of these quizzes are well made, others are just pretty pictures (often shamelessly stolen from various sources) with some text that resembles english at first glance, but really isn't. Way too many of them transpose their and there, your and you're, too and to, etc. I find it painful to read.

Then there are some I hate for another reason. The "post this sentence in your LJ if there's someone on your friendslist who <whatever>" variety - especially when I see it posted in nearly everyone's journal. I don't carry any ill will towards someone who propagates this stuff, just understand that when I don't post it, it doesn't mean it's not true for me too. I just don't need a meme to express my less than three for all of you. I refuse to be guilt-tripped into posting.

I was thinking of writing up a little blurb for each of you with "I love you because.." but then it struck me how stupid that was - because my love is unconditional. And because the only thing I could think of to write for pkrob is "because your name is Robert" ^_^;

* actually, I do want to know what kind of underwear you use. Because I'm pervy like that.

And now for the stuff that I originally intended to write in this entry..
Getting hit by a car on my way to work on Monday wasn't anywhere near a life-changing event, but it, and comments posted to my entry on it, triggered some internal debate.

I hate having external sources affect my behavior.

Yesterday I found myself cringing just from having cars near me, being overly careful, the whole thing. I realize I was incredibly lucky to not have been hurt. A lot of people die in traffic accidents. And I see careless drivers every day. Psychos could be lurking anywhere, ready to run over unsuspecting pedestrians.

I'm especially carefully around taxis.

Anyway.. since that event, I no longer feel safe. And whether it's accidental or intentional, the end results is the same if I'm killed or seriously injured.

And what can I do about it? Nothing. I can be more careful, I can wait and let cars pass before I cross the road.. but there's the unseen line between being nice and being a doormat that I've sworn not to cross. I will not change my behaviour just because I'm scared!

I'm not a reckless pedestrian by far. I wait for a green light even when I'm in a hurry, because I don't really give a damn if I'm late for work, and neither do anyone else apparently. And I used to be so punctual, too..

Point of this entry? No point, just charting.

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