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some LJ niftiness

I don't know if any of you already use this (drop a line if you do), but I just read up on friends groups/filters today, and discovered something nifty.

If you name a group "Default View", only posts from the ones in the group will be shown on your friends page (if group is public, for all users, if private, only for you). You can use /<your name here>/friends/?filter=0 to view all friends.

I know using filters is nothing new, but I still found this really useful - because I can't be bothered to change my bookmarks and tweak my style with hardcoded URLs to a filtered friends page.

And - I re-added metaquotes to my watched communities, removed it from default view (seems like everyone added are automatically added to Default View).. tadaa, no more metaquotes on my friends of friends page. I prefer visiting high-volume communities individually instead of having them clutter up my friends page. But I don't like metaquotes' style.

But now, as it is on my friends list (but not on my friends page - will take some time getting used to those two terms being different), and I've made a filter for it, I can just use this URL to read metaquotes in my own style.

If that isn't nifty, I don't know what is.

Wasted a lot of time reading random stuff on LJ today, didn't have much time left over for anime. But I found a couple of nice icons I'll be using once I have enough of them that I can justify buying more icon space.
Watched Naruto 110-111 (subbed) and One Piece episode 2. That I had partaken of some alcohol might be a contributing cause, but my netherregions were salivating at Zoro. ^__^ >_>

I'd better hurry to bed so I can actually get some sleep - the cafeteria at work is going to be closed tomorrow, which means no tea.. I'll have to brew up a pot before I leave and bottle it, but then it'll be cold.. which severely limits my selections since many of my teas are not very good when cold.

I had fun today. G'night.

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