Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

November statistics.. eh, statistics for a year back, really.

I made 58 entries in November.

That's 1,9333~ per day on average.

Eight entries were locked/filtered.
Two, possibly more, were backdated.
One had comments disabled.
November the 1st held the most posts in a day: five.

Only one post titled (no subject) this time - I've grown to find (no subject) posts annoying when I try to hunt down something specific, or when adding stuff to memories.

Might as well do more while I'm at it.

86 entries in October. Wow,
11 of them were locked/filtered
at least one entry backdated
Most posts in a day: five (twice)

13 posts titled (no subject)
and September:
46 entries
one filtered entry (telling the relevant people to go join _asr when I had just created it)
17 (no subject) posts.
Four entries, one private (just a note to myself on how I was doing at this particular time after the surgery)
one (no subject) post.
Two posts, both of which are friendslocked now since I like to keep old stuff Friends Only. Oh yeah, and new month, I guess I'll go lock the August entries now.

June held fifteen entries. I didn't post at all in May, and only once in April. Only once in March too. Four times in february.. six times in January.. Four times in December of last year - hah, I already exceeded that on the first day of the month this year.

So there you have it. My LJ addiction started September this year. Right after I got a paid account.. hmmm.

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