Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking


This weekend, I intend to...

  • dress in all black for Day of the Ninja
  • possibly visit my dad, clean his computer of malware, and have him take pictures of me in ninja get-up. If I can be bothered to travel.
  • catch up on several anime series I'm lagging behind on
  • be nice to my feet. I have two blisters on the same toe due to walking to and from work for five days straight. That's like twelve hours of walking. x_x
  • bake cookies
  • watch the last six episodes of Planetes together with maully
  • post that lyrics from fifteen random songs on my playlist and have my readers guess the songs meme-like thing.
  • eat a proper meal
  • begin working on kitty hat attempt #2
  • shovel snow during daylight hours
  • free up much hard drive space. Current freespace: 20 gig.
  • finish writing my wishlist and post it

sooo, twelve points. Now let's see if I can even manage six.. -_-
I got the tickets! And to my shock and horror, the plane leaves from SANDEFJORD at 6:30 in the morning. This is a bad thing because the buses don't start running until like 8. So I'm either going to have to get my mom to drive me (I don't have confidence in her ability to be on time - maybe I can lie about the departure time and claim it's an hour earlier than it is..), or go the night ahead and hope it doesn't get too cold. Uh, crap, this sucks. I'm going to arrive in Florida wearing winter clothes.

But I'm going! To Florida! No snow for three weeks!

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