Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

it's dead here today..

I got my mindmap today. Yay.

Rocklin , CA - A Portal to another MindMap!Petaluma , CA - A Portal to another MindMap!the remnants of my sanity, makati city, Philippines - A Portal to another MindMap!Oslo, NorwayLaval, Qubec, CanadaPompano Beach, FloridaAngola, IndianaCampinas, SP, BrazilMarietta, GeorgiaUnited States
Maa, the accuracy can be debated.. since it put gekkou_hayate to the north when she is a naruto fandom friend like the ones on the southern part.. but it's still nifty.

Well, did accomplish a few things today - watched some anime, shoveled some snow, changed a dead light bulb, sent the photo negative to Snowy [a day short of seven months after he first requested it], and did some minor grocery shopping.

Ah yes, I got my missing travel expenses money today.. I could use it to pay back my dad everything I owe him, becoming debt free again.. but I want to save it for the trip. I could buy a digital camera for that money.
::pays back half the debt::

I think being debt free is more important than a digicam.. but I need spending money for new shoes and stuff.
I'll still get paid again before leaving, so it's all good. No idea if I'll get a digicam or not, but at least I'll get stuff.
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