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Friends filters / communities

Public friends groups:

Ladies - Oh yes I am such a sexist.. I have a friends group for women but none for guys. I can't remember if I ever posted an entry filtered to this group.. maybe once or twice total. More to shield guys from icky subjects than to keep secrets to ourselves. Sometimes I read this page too.

Myself - just me, because I like watching my userpic along with my own posts. I know you can do that in S2, but I don't like S2.

"All communities" - I doubt I'll be reading this page much. too random a mix.

LJ Stuff - contains lj_nifty, lj_maintenance, paidmembers and weblogsociology

Default View - everything excluding childfree, metaquotes, fanficrants (for high content otherwise cluttering my friendspage, paidmembers (I never read it in the first place, but added to friends so I could stick it in the LJ stuff filter), and all yaoi-related communities, for the ultimate worksafe surfing.

yaoi - all yaoi-themed communities I'm a member of.

Fandom: Naruto - all people and communities related to the Naruto fandom. I don't specifically read this page, but I sometimes post filtered entries to this group. Either juicy tidbits I've translated from my books, speculations, or stuff that is of no interest for someone who doesn't watch the anime or read the manga. If you want in/out of this group, let me know.

Now I just need to remember to check the ones that aren't on Default View.. >_> (I wish I could filter my Friendsfriends page too.. it's gotten way too large lately. Just removing the communities would go a long way)

Plugging my communities:
_asr - for the IRC channel I live in. Mostly dead because we talk on IRC. =P
clear_tea - my soon to be failed attempt at charting my dieting efforts and accomplishments. It was an interesting idea, but lately I find posting to be a chore.
chuunin - generic Naruto fandom community. Like the name implies, it's.. mediocre. :P It has a lot of cool and not-so-cool people in it. Mostly cool.
childfree - This place is insane. Lots of bitching and ranting, makes for good entertainment.. often it does have deeper stuff than OMGIHATEkids. Lots of stories of irresponsible parents. Some rabid members, but most just want people to stop telling them "When are you going to start having kids?" and "Oh, you'll change your mind. It's different when they're your own"
exmormon - because I'm an exmormon. I don't even read all of the posts anymore, but it's good to be able to keep up with the latest news since my parents are still mormon. Or at least my mom is. My dad is a non-practicing one. :P
fanficrants - I joined this one some time ago because it was interesting to read when it was on my friends of friends page. Plus it gives me pointers on what not to do in writing. ^_^
genmaxhayate - because I love teh special jounin love.
i_ta_chi - was promoted on chuunin when it was new, I thought "why not?" and joined. Not very active.
katamari_damacy - na~ na na na na na na na na katamari damashii~ (Why am I even a member of this? It's not like the game is going to be released in Europe..)
kanjioftheweek - more like kanji of the month.. this guy doesn't keep much of a schedule.
lj_nifty - moderated community. recommended for anyone who cares about nifty things about LJ. Also check out howto.
lj_maintenance - most of you should already know about this one.
metaquotes - Quotes from around LJ. Very amusing place, prepare to waste much of your time here.
onepieceyaoi - no comment. ^__^
paidmembers - eh.. I became a member by default when I paid for my account.
sordidcityblues - updates for some webcomic. I stumbled across this one through LJ image theft. ^_^
tokubetsujounin - more special jounin love. New. Hasn't really taken off yet, but the potential is there.
teaholics - small, rather inactive as of yet. Nice place. Found through interest search for "green tea"
weblogsociology - the name says it all. Watched by over a hundred, yet really dead - hasn't had an update for months. Found through someone's mindmap on my friends of friends page. If anyone know of similar communities that are actually active, let me know.

know of any communities I should be in? post.
(am I stupid or something? I already spend more time thank I should here, I don't need more stuff to read)

Coming under a lot of stress these days - stuff to do, feel like I can't keep up.
Need to write and send cards, get travel insurance, get a ticket for the train to Sandefjord, figure out how to get from the train station to the airport, want to read more stuff on LJ, have work to do.. miss people and want to just chat..
Desperately need more sleep. That means I have to go to bed earlier, which means I have even less time to spend on things I enjoy doing, such as watching anime and socializing. woe.

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