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Today was.. just another day.

Not enough sleep, forced myself to shuffle along to work where nothing happened.
Stopped by Pandabutikken for a chat with Tina.. highlight of the day. We just talked and talked and laughed and I'm glad I took the detour instead of just going home.

Lately (like the last week, week and a half) I've been feeling weak, dizzy, etc. a lot more than normal. I'm inclined to believe it's sleep deprivation.. I've started going to bed later and getting up earlier, giving me 5-6 hours of sleep at best, and it's really turning me into a non-functioning entity.

And my concentration is all.. gone. I think it eloped together with my ability to put together eloquent sentences.
At least I can still spell.

It depresses me ever so slightly - I pretty much only get to see daylight on my way to work, and when I get home I only have a few precious hours to spend on.. hey wait, didn't I write the exact same thing just last entry? I mean, I was getting into the same subject again.

There are people I wish would post. More than one person. Lifesigns, please.


Do I sound depressed? I'm okay, really. Maybe not fine, but well within the limits of okay.

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