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Another morning

(this is the entry I was going to post this morning - but the indigo cluster was down again)
Another Morning / The Mutton Birds
She turns her face to the wall, she won't let anybody see her
the winter comes and sits where the window doesn't fit
and she cries herself awake another morning

across the street a café and the sound of people laughing
her heart it wants to go but the rest of her says no
and she lies under the weight of another morning

Another morning
she might have flown away with the day
with her sorrow circling below her
Another morning
could see her swinging high above the crowds
with the feeling that they all want to know her

But the truth is that she don't know who she'll be tomorrow
just what face to wear or the way she'll do her hair
and that's why she's so afraid of another morning

But the truth is that she don't know who she'll be tomorrow
just what face to wear or the way she'll do her hair
and that's why she's so afraid of another morning
why she's so afraid of another morning
oh why she's so afraid of another morning

That one used to be my theme song back in my depressed late teen years. Heh. Still love the song.

The Indigo cluster was down for maintenance last night and I couldn't read my friends page or post, or pretty much anything. So I watched six more episodes of One Piece.

And got to bed too late, and was dead tired when I woke up, and going to be late for work, again.

But at least today I'm sort of looking forward to being at work. Re-installing win2k on two laptops. Will probably be writing up a checklist on..

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you guys about my new LJ name. Say hi to nagamori, my tech support journal. Amusing stories from work will still be posted here, but if there's something to learn from it as well (other than that users are stupid), I'll probably crosspost.

and, crud, I'm so late for work today. ::shrugs::

And now that I'm back.. I actually learned something useful at work today, although I've yet to find a solution to the problem. Could be a problem with the streamlined CD I made, or just the laptop that's evil.. Well, it's a Dell, it wouldn't surprise me.
Today I've fluctuated between "blah, I want to sleep more", "bored.. I wish people would post", "wheee, this is fun", "Gah, why won't it work!", "Aaaaaah, so that's why it doesn't work" and "....but there's nothing I can do to make it work."
I got two börek on my way to work today.. they were warm, and crispy on the bottom.. very, very delicious. Also had some really good tea at work - I've gotten into the habit of leaving a box of loose leaf tea at work, and bringing my tea strainers with me, taking them home to clean them every day. Real tea is so much better than that teabag stuff.

Experiencing a lot of anxiety. Last night I had a dream where I couldn't make it to the airport on time.. but I always have those kinds of dreams prior to flying. I'm also worried about Odessa.. I've never left her alone for that long before. If she should disappear while living with my family in my absence.. it'd kind of ruin my vacation. I kind of wish I could go for two weeks instead of three, but that wasn't possible (because of monetary reasons).

oh yeah, and I found a quiz that I actually liked today.. etoh.. ::digs into friends of friends page:: eh, can't find it. Google to the rescue!
My angst tastes like...
black licorice
Black Licorice

"Unique and difficult to place, your angst finds its source in something you keep hidden. You have something serious and possibly traumatic, but you try to hide it from everyone and just tell them to ignore you when you seem troubled, that everything's really OK. You might think that you have good reasons for not telling people, and some of them may in fact be true, but most likely a lifetime of keeping your secrets has led to a resolution fortified by rationalization that nobody else can shake simply because you never give them a chance. Ask yourself if it would really be that horrible to open up to others; nobody says you have to do it all at once, even. But you should at least try getting out of your shell a little. It's not healthy to internalize everything and conceal it. Anyway, if people really care for you, and they probably do, then they'll be loving and supportive regardless of any reason to the contrary. "
Find your angst's flavor

Weird as I am, that's both straight on and way off. I may say I'm okay when I'm feeling down, but I won't say I'm fine if I'm depressed. (But I might say "I'm going to be okay", because I am.)

I was writing up a long post for nagamori while at work, but I didn't get to finish it. Maybe I should try arriving at work on time for once.. I'd be able to accomplish more. I saved it, since my computer will probably be turned off when I come in tomorrow morning. I think the power may be cut at some point during the night.. I'll try to remember to ask my boss about it.

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