Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Hmm.. a clue.

I've set up Thunderbird at work to check my email, but to leave the messages on the server so I can download them at home when I return. I just have to remember to quit TB at home so it doesn't download and remove the messages before I can download them from here..

So, when I arrived at work this morning noon, I opened TB and saw messages from last night. I had left TB on, and it had downloaded messages until the computer was turned off. Last message was timestamped 02:34. Pretty sure it's not a human who enters my office to turn off my computer.. must be regular power outages for some reason.

Something I meant to write about on Monday..
Right by Adamstuen (Where Tourus, the place I buy börek almost every morning is), some seven or eight trees were murdered, and lots of work was done on the road. It was all over this monday, and as I had feared.. The widening of the road served as parking spots.

They killed trees to make room for more cars.

And each time I pass that line of cars by, I just want to STAB the tires with my dagger or something.. I really want to, and probably would if there weren't consequences.

Then again I might not just because it won't bring the trees back. Vengeance is almost exclusively a bad idea. But I want my rage to be heard.

Someone's sawed off five of Asami-chan's branches too. All on the same side, so I suppose it was to allow the snowplow to pass closer or something.
[For those who don't already know, Asami is a birch I pass by on my way to/from work. Each time I stop by and hug her. She often feels warm. Yes, I'm a treehugger.]

There are all of a sudden two places along my way to work that sell christmas trees. I feel sick when I see all those poor trees. I really, really hate this seasonal dendrocide. I realize that humans can't live without killing trees, but killing them for making paper or building material, or even firewood, makes sense. But christmas trees.. they're just discarded after the holiday. Used and thrown away. And killed far too young.

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