Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Going through my old entries (there aren't that many), adding stuff to memories..

meme that I did once before:
1. Pick one thing from my list of interests (userinfo) that you like, and explain why.
2. Pick one thing from my list of interests that you don't like, and explain why.
3. Pick one thing from my list of interests that surprises you, and explain why.
4. Pick one thing from my list of interests that you don't understand, and I'll tell you about it.
5. Tell me one thing that's not on my list of interests that should be.

My interests have changed a bit since then, not to mention having more readers now.. for reference, the original entry is here

ah, the clique finder..

I am a member of 1 clique of size 7

kawaiinochan, aetherspoon, rekenner, kriatyrr, maully, xenodias, solid_snack

Find the largest clique containing:

(Enter your livejournal username here).

I don't think the results have changed since the last time.. I wish it'd display more than just the single largest clique, though. I'm part of several mini-cliques now. In fact, out of the people on my Mutual Friends list, there's just one I don't have any friends in common with.. but I'm hoping to remedy that soon. ^_^ >_>

It was having non-clique friends that encouraged me to start reading my friends of friends page regularly. Just curious about what their friends were like. Turned out they were an interesting bunch, so I kept reading.. and reading.. and found new friends.

Going to do that guess the lyrics game when I get back home, if I can remember to.
So yeah.. memories section updated. And I'm thinking of writing up one single entry that I can just link back to, because with all the new people arriving, I feel like I'm constantly introducing myself, and that could be a bit annoying for the ones who've been here for a while. ^_^;
Anyway, the entries where I talk about personal stuff are under the heading "self". Also added a few under "memorable memes and quizzes"

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