Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Long, exhausting day at work.

Arrived at work around 11, I think. Like most fridays, the cafeteria was closed all day, so I didn't get any tea.. I even forgot to make some before leaving home, but I did pick up a börek on my way to work.

Anyway.. was zombiefied for a couple of hours, plus breaking down and actually crying from all the stress I'm under. No one saw me, and as always, I made no sound. [Some time ago, while browsing Jeffrey's for words containing 忍, I came across 忍び泣く (shinobinaku) - to shed silent tears. When I cry, I do so ninja style. </nerd>]

Then went to do the task my boss asked me to take care of.

Her son has recently upgraded his computer - new mobo, CPU, juicy Serial ATA hard drive. My task was to get it up and running, with both the new HD and the old one.

More of an emotional mess on my way there - cried on a tram full of people, and none of them even saw me. I'm invisible.
It got worse when I got to my transfer point. Commercials playing on the big screen outside the nearby mall. Some guy with a hedge trimmer or something, cutting off the lower branches of a christmas tree, leaving very little in the end, because "it's easy to buy a few presents too many".. I was disgusted. Not only did the poor tree have to die, it had to be brutally maimed as well, and I had to see it. I felt nauseous. And cried some more. I felt better once I get on the tram and on my way.

Arrived at my boss's residence to much barking from their dog, who shut up immediately when he saw it was just me. My boss often brings him to work, so he knows me.

So I start by checking the computer out.. it doesn't find any devices at all, except the unformatted S-ATA drive. Open the case, and the power isn't plugged into the IDE HD. Heh. Plug it in, boot, BSoD on startup, same in safe mode. The CD-rom drives aren't being detected. Switched some cables around, managed to boot from the winXP disc, installed XP on the S-ATA drive. It took a full 45 minutes just to format the drive.. I'm glad I had brought a book.
Everything from there on went along smoothly. My cute USB key saved the day as it still contained the drivers for the wireless network card. After running Windows Update a few times, I powered down, connected all the devices (looks like the initial problem with the CD drives was a loose cable), and everything worked. That was so nice.. usually that computer is quite mean to me.

Oh yeah, and my boss came home while I was still formatting the drive.. heh. She told me to just go home and continue on Monday, but I insisted on finishing. Asked for a day off next week to get stuff done before my vacation (such as figuring out how to get to the airport, buying train tickets if that's the mode of travel I decide on, getting travel insurance..), was granted it and and decided on Tuesday.

Oh yeah, and the old mobo/CPU? They're giving it to me. ^___^ (don't know the specs, but it's far superior to what I have today)
I asked my boss to hold onto it until after I return, as getting it now would just cause me to spend endless amounts of time tinkering with it. I don't have the time!

On my way back, I stopped by a mall I hadn't been to before. Got some stuff my local grocery store doesn't carry, and then I bought myself flowers. Twenty reddish-pink roses.
Uneventful trip home. Got back, put the roses in a vase, made a cup of tea and typed up this entry. I think I've earned the weekend.

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